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Minibeast hunting

As part of our underground animals topic, we have been learning about ants and worms. We have made a huge display of worm burrows and an ants nest, and we have also been on a minibeast hunt in forest school.


After weeks of incubating the eggs, turning them carefully and checking their progress, our chicks have finally hatched. They are old enough to be held so we have enjoyed feeling their soft downy feathers. 

Ebony the lamb

Ebony, the one week old lamb, came to visit us in Preschool. We felt his soft wool and the bumps on his head where his horns will grow. We also fed him special lamb milk from a bottle.

Underground Animals

We are having great fun playing in our own underground burrow, and learning all about the different animals that live underground, from huge bears to tiny ants. We have also enjoyed making masks of our favourite underground animals, and a huge painting of a rabbit warren.

Our Castle Role Play

We have had a great half term learning all about castles, and who lived in them. We have designed our own Coat of Arms, and made shields. We made a huge beanstalk growing right across our classroom, Jack climbing up it, and a huge giant to live in the castle. The giant’s goose hid some golden eggs in Forest school for us to find.

Run, run as fast as you can…..

We’ve each made a gingerbread man!