Shipham First School

We work closely with Shipham First School and use many of their facilities, including the hall for our gym sessions, the field with its playground and beautiful willow structures, and the Forest School area.

Children in Reception and Year One join Pre-School for events such as our Nativity Play, Sports Day and Summer Outing. Arrangements for transfer of children from Pre-School to First School are comprehensive and result in a seamless transition.

For those children going up to Shipham First School, we offer a dedicated session once a week in the First School with the Reception teacher, accompanied by the Pre-School staff. This takes place on a Wednesday, from the October prior to the autumn start.

At any point during their time at Pre-School, your child can bring our School Transition photograph album home. It contains photographs showing the First School staff and daily routine, prompting you to talk about First School together.

Each child’s Personal Pathway Learning and Development Record, which is compiled by Pre-School staff, is passed on to First School to enable the Reception Class staff to get to know each child personally and academically as swiftly as possible. With parents’ permission, other information about Pre-School children is also passed to First School if it is believed that this will help with the transition.