Meet our Team

Our staff are inspirational, experienced and highly qualified, as well as tirelessly enthusiastic and caring. Each child at Pre-School is assigned a key person who is responsible for monitoring and recording that child’s development, including how they are progressing against the three prime areas of learning.

We will meet with you at least once a term to find out more about your child’s needs, interests, likes and dislikes, as well as discuss the EYFS curriculum and plan your child’s learning. However, we’re happy to talk about your child’s progress at any time – we always have time for informal chats at drop-off and collection times, and we are proud of the close relationships we establish in this way.

We are confident working in partnership with other childcare settings to provide appropriate experiences and opportunities to support each child’s individual learning needs.

Lindsay Millar
Our Leader, responsible for planning and the day-to-day running of the Pre-School, is Lindsay Millar. Lindsay is very experienced and has been at Shipham Pre-School for over 10 years. Lindsay has a Certificate in Education (Primary) and is qualified in Paediatric First Aid.

Sharon Watts
Sharon has been at Shipham Pre-school for over 10 years. She has an NVQ3 and is qualified in Paediatric First Aid and trained in promoting positive impressions of different cultures and faiths. Sharon helps to ensure that our Pre-School welcomes everyone regardless of their background, and that our children explore a diversity of cultures.

Sarah Bugg
Sarah has been at Shipham Pre-School since 2010, and before that she gained wide-ranging experience in other Pre-Schools. Sarah has an NVQ3 and is qualified in Paediatric First Aid and trained in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. Sarah helps to ensure that the Pre-School provides all children of whatever ability with the best opportunities to learn.

Vicky Busby
Vicky has been a Supervisor since September 2013, but has provided supply cover at Shipham Pre-School for many years, and also works as a child-minder in the village. Vicky has an NVQ3 and is qualified in Paediatric First Aid.