Good luck to our school leavers

Here are our school leavers sharing their hopes and plans for the future. The future is certainly in safe hands with all the budding police officers, firefighters and teachers starting school in September. Very best wishes to all of you from everyone at Shipham Preschool.  

Sports Day 2018

All the children worked very hard to do their best on sports day, well done everyone!

Green little fingers

What a lot of enthusiastic gardeners we have at Preschool! The children have planted beans and sunflower seeds, looked after them very carefully, and now they are big enough to grow in our garden, along with all the vegetable seedlings we have planted. The oldest children have enjoyed writing labels for the plants. All of the children are very proud of their work.

Minibeast hunting

As part of our underground animals topic, we have been learning about ants and worms. We have made a huge display of worm burrows and an ants nest, and we have also been on a minibeast hunt in forest school.


After weeks of incubating the eggs, turning them carefully and checking their progress, our chicks have finally hatched. They are old enough to be held so we have enjoyed feeling their soft downy feathers. 

Ebony the lamb

Ebony, the one week old lamb, came to visit us in Preschool. We felt his soft wool and the bumps on his head where his horns will grow. We also fed him special lamb milk from a bottle.