Our transport topic

We had a great time learning about different types of transport. We had visits from Arya’s Dad’s recovery truck, the RNLI, and the Police. We had fun dressing up and playing in our own fire engine and hot air balloon. Max’s Mum helped us to make traffic light cakes. Thank you very much to everyone who helped to make our transport topic such a success.

We made biscuit bus drivers!

We have been busy stirring, rolling and cutting to make some delicious biscuits bus drivers to help us play in our huge model bus.

Our day at the farm

We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at Court farm. We saw lots of different animals, had a tractor trailer ride, fed the goats and helped the farmer with his jobs. 

Good luck to our school leavers

Here are our school leavers sharing their hopes and plans for the future. The future is certainly in safe hands with all the budding police officers, firefighters and teachers starting school in September. Very best wishes to all of you from everyone at Shipham Preschool.  

Sports Day 2018

All the children worked very hard to do their best on sports day, well done everyone!

Green little fingers

What a lot of enthusiastic gardeners we have at Preschool! The children have planted beans and sunflower seeds, looked after them very carefully, and now they are big enough to grow in our garden, along with all the vegetable seedlings we have planted. The oldest children have enjoyed writing labels for the plants. All of the children are very proud of their work.