Sad to leave

My youngest daughter left Shipham Pre-school in September to start school and she still asks to go back as she misses it so much – it’s now January! She started as soon as she was 2 and had a fantastic time, as did her older brother who also went to Shipham Pre-School from the age of 2. Both children learnt an enormous amount there and were able to start school able to write basic words, count really well and understand how to play and behave in a school-type environment. They got to experience lots of different activities: cooking, painting, craft stuff, visiting butchers, going on real fire engines, going to the seaside – all sorts. The termly themed role play area was also a great hit with all the children – from a beach, to a construction site to a bakers etc. Both children thoroughly enjoyed Shipham Pre-School and I would strongly recommend it to anyone.

  • Sun, 13th April 2014

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